3 Signs That It Might Be Time For Your Parents To Move To A Retirement Community

Posted on: 18 June 2015

Your parents might have lived in the same home since you were a child, but that doesn't mean that it isn't time to move on. Many senior citizens find that they are actually much happier in senior retirement communities, so this might be something for you and your parents to think about. These communities allow seniors to live independently in their own apartments or other units, but these units are generally designed with senior safety in mind and are easier to maintain. Plus, there are generally plenty of other seniors and staff members around in case your parents need them. These are a few signs that a retirement community could be the best choice for your aging parents.

1. They Have a Large Yard

Although your mom and dad might have enjoyed gardening, cutting the grass and otherwise taking care of the yard when they were younger, it could be a bit too much for them to handle in their later years. Luckily, retirement communities generally provide all lawn care services, so your parents can enjoy a beautiful, neatly maintained lawn without having to do the work themselves or pay to hire someone else to do it.

2. They're Having Trouble Keeping Up with Household Chores

Keeping a whole house clean can be a daunting task for younger people, but it can be much harder for the elderly. If you have found that your parents are having more and more trouble keeping their home clean, or if they seem worn out from the task, moving into a smaller retirement apartment that is easier to manage could be a good decision. Your loved ones deserve to enjoy their retirement, not spend it doing household chores.

3. They're Bored

It isn't uncommon for retirees to get bored a lot in their old age. Your parents are probably used to working and raising children, and now that their lives have changed, they might find themselves with nothing to do. Luckily, retirement communities generally include amenities that they can enjoy, and they'll be surrounded by others their own age so that they will have people to keep them company. You can focus on looking for a retirement community that offers the things that your parents are interested in, such as a nearby golf course, a swimming pool or a bingo hall.

As you can probably see, a retirement community can be a great choice for older Americans. If any of these three things apply to your older parents, now might be the time to look into one of these senior retirement communities for them.


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