Four Important Questions To Ask Before You Book A Hotel Conference Room

Posted on: 20 May 2015

Holding a conference in a hotel's meeting space has multiple benefits, especially if those who plan to attend your event live out of town. Hotel conference rooms can accommodate a wide range of events, from weddings to class reunions to strategic planning sessions for your business. Part of the process of organizing an event, regardless of its nature, is to shop around and find out which venue will best suit your specific needs, group size and budget. Before you sign on the dotted line to finalize your deal, be sure to ask these important questions to the hotel staff member assisting you.

Is There Adequate Vacancy the Night of My Event? Can You Offer Room Discounts?

There's little point in booking a hotel conference room for your event, only to learn the hotel doesn't have enough available rooms to accommodate your group. Part of your responsibility before you book a facility is to ensure the hotel (such as Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport) has enough vacant rooms for your guests; if not, ask if the hotel has a nearby sister property that can help out. Have the event's guests indicate whether they need accommodation and then present the number of rooms you need to the hotel. Now is also the time to determine what room discount, if any, the hotel can give you for your event.

Are There Any Other Events Booked At the Same Time?

Many hotels can accommodate multiple events on the same day, and it's helpful to know if anything else is scheduled for the same day that you'll be using the conference room. For example, if you're having a meditation retreat, learning that motorcycle club's annual party will be held adjacent to your space might make you rethink your plan. Although there's always a possibility that another group will book the same hotel after you've confirmed your event, asking this important question gives you as much information as possible up front.

Does the Hotel Hold Exclusive Rights For Catering?

At some hotels, it's written into the contract that you must obtain catering services directly through the hotel. Knowing this information up front helps you realistically prepare for the event. At other hotels, you're free to arrange whatever catering organization you'd like. It's certainly easy to use the hotel's catering, provided the kitchen staff can prepare the food that suits your needs. Ask about what types of food are offered—do you simply need coffee and muffins in the morning or are you planning for a formal dinner?


Staying Somewhere You Will Love

When I started traveling a lot for work, I realized that it would probably be in my best interest to figure out what to look for in a hotel. After staying at a few bad places, I decided to make a list of amenities and comforts that I had to have. For example, I decided that I loved having an accessible gym to work on my physique while I was in town. Also, I adored having a laundry service, so that I could return home with a vat of clean laundry. After I made this list, I would compare it with the advertised features, so that I would get what I wanted. Read my blog for more traveling advice.

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