How To Create A Harrowing Halloween House Of Hitchcock's Haunting Horrors In Your Hotel

Posted on: 31 August 2015

People celebrate Halloween in a number of ways. Some will watch endless horror movies, like Psycho, while others will attend several "haunted" houses to get frightened. If you privately own a hotel that you would like to convert temporarily into a Halloween haunted house for a two-night special event, and base it on Alfred Hitchcock's more terrifying movies, here is how you can accomplish it.

One Wing for the Birds

The idea that wildlife suddenly goes berserk and starts attacking humans is not a new theme in horror films. The best and creepiest movie made on this theme, The Birds, takes the basic human fear of being defecated upon by birds and ups the ante with thousands of birds attacking humans instead. You can recreate this horrific moment by:

  • Using taxidermy birds with attached flight drones you or your employees can control remotely.
  • You can attach motion sensors to your "birds" and hang them from wires such that guests walking through will be "attacked" automatically.

The motion sensor method is probably the easiest, since you could convert some motion sensor-equipped Halloween bats into birds. (Be sure to warn your guests that a particular wing of the hotel is "for The Birds!")

Powdered "Blood" in the Shower Heads for a Psycho Effect

Some of your available rooms for Halloween can have a powdered "blood" pack inserted into the showerheads. All you have to do is unscrew the bottom part of each showerhead and sprinkle or place some of the powdered "blood" over the top of the unscrewed piece. Then screw the end of the showerhead back in place. When guests turn the shower on, they can experience the terrifying moment when Norman Bates stabs female guests to death in the shower. For added freaky fun, provide bars of soap in the shape of knives. Be sure to notify your guests which rooms have the Psycho showers in them, and only put enough powdered blood in the shower heads to last the few seconds it takes to get hot water flowing.

Ropes and Nooses

Hitchcock's classic, Rope, portrays two men using rope and a noose to strangle someone familiar to them. To recreate some of the pivotal moments from the movie, leave some heavy rope in a guest's room, with a dummy shrouded in a sheet. The effect is creepy enough to cause most people to move on to another room where the Hitchcock themes might be less disquieting.

Binoculars, Wheelchairs, and Big Picture Windows That Look out on Other Guests' Rooms

Nothing quite sets the stage for creepy watcher moments from Rear Window like a wheelchair parked close to the window, an oversized pair of binoculars and a picture window that faces multiple other rooms in your hotel. You can keep a few of these other rooms devoid of guests just so your employees or hired actors can play out the supposed murder scenes from the movie, in full view of this particular room.

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