Acclimating Your Pet To Your RV And RV Park Vacation

Posted on: 4 February 2016

Going on an RV vacation means a lot more freedom than a vacation with a flight and hotel room. In an RV, you can travel at your leisure and stop where you would like, for as long as you like. It also means that you can take your dog or cat on vacations if you would like. There are some things that you will need to do in order to prepare for a vacation. If you are interested in taking a trip with your pets, here is how you should prepare them before and on the RV vacation. 

Prepare the RV with all of their belongings

In order to bring your pet along with you on an RV trip, you should bring along all of your pets necessities and favorite things. Bring along pet food, water bottles, bowls, leashes, and all of their favorite things, such as chew toys. This will help your pet be more comfortable on the trip, plus make sure that they have something to do during the trip. If possible, take your pet on rides around the neighborhood in the RV to acclimate them to being comfortable riding in the RV before you go a long distance. 

Change the room in front of them

Most RVs are capable of being changed around, such as pulling a bed out from the couch or folding down a table to create a dining room. If this is the case with your RV, change the RV around with your pet inside. This way your pet will not be frightened by you pulling structures down and they will be able to perform a sniff inspection so that nothing in the RV is "new" to them. Changing the room with your pet inside will also give you a chance to determine if your pet will have enough room to roam around within specific furniture set ups. 

Find the dog-friendly RV spots

When you get to an RV campground, like Beach RV Park, you should look around to find a dog-friendly spot. A nice woody area with lots of grass and plants are often a favorite of dogs, as they hold space to run, roll around, and plenty of natural items to sniff. Take your dog to relieve themselves in this area often and be sure clean up after them. Bring a retractable leash to give your pet some freedom, while keeping them in eyesight and operational abilities at all times. 


Staying Somewhere You Will Love

When I started traveling a lot for work, I realized that it would probably be in my best interest to figure out what to look for in a hotel. After staying at a few bad places, I decided to make a list of amenities and comforts that I had to have. For example, I decided that I loved having an accessible gym to work on my physique while I was in town. Also, I adored having a laundry service, so that I could return home with a vat of clean laundry. After I made this list, I would compare it with the advertised features, so that I would get what I wanted. Read my blog for more traveling advice.

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