How To Confirm That A Hotel Has A Beachfront

Posted on: 5 August 2021

Are you looking to spend your holiday in a beachfront hotel? Similar to other travelers, you could be in a dilemma of whether the hotel is near the beach or has a beachfront. This article highlights a few methods that you can use to ensure that the beachfront hotel advertised meets its standards. 

Comparison Websites And Travel Blogs

There are many websites and travel blogs that offer hotel reviews. Check these websites to determine whether the hotel is located at the beachfront. Usually, these websites will post pictures of the hotel as a way to improve their credibility. Critically review these photos or contact the writer who reviewed the article to ascertain the hotel's location. 

Direct Calls

Make a direct call to the hotel to confirm whether it is located at the beachfront. Ideally, the customer service department will give you an exact location of the hotel to ensure you easily find the facility. You could also inquire about the availability of a beachfront cottage. During the call, gather essential information such as hotel rates, discounts, and other offers that may not be on the website. Besides, you will learn about events, conferences, and other issues that may cause the rate to change. 


Travel agents are the intermediaries between travelers and hotels. The agent serves the interests of a customer and not the hotel. Therefore, one can entrust the agent with finding a reliable beachfront hotel regardless of the destination. Most agencies have global networks that know hotels near the beach and those with a beachfront. The agent understands and adapts to different travel needs depending on the customers they serve. 


The power of reviews in identifying the authenticity of products works for every sector with an e-commerce platform. Hotel reviews tell the potential customer about the features of the facility. Customers rate hotels depending on their experiences, and hence they are more reliable than hotel blogs or agents. Various independent websites have rating systems where customers comment about the hotel. Similarly, beachfront hotels may encourage customers to tag their social media pages on images posted on personal social media pages. Such tags are the hotel's way of increasing customer engagement, but travelers can also analyze the details and determine if the hotel meets their standards. 

When looking for a beachfront hotel, check comparison websites, call the hotel, interview your agent and examine the hotel's online reviews. Contact potential hotels, such as The Inn at Long Beach, to learn more about them.


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