4 Halibut Fishing Tips To Help You Get The Perfect Catch

Posted on: 30 November 2021

If you want to fish for some halibut while you're on vacation, you should know that catching these fish often involves strategies that are different from catching other types of fish. You may need some extra patience and additional equipment to catch these fish, but the investment will be worth it if you're able to score the perfect halibut. By following these helpful tips, your next halibut fishing adventure can be a greater success. 

1. Fish Deep

Halibut are known as bottom feeders, which means that they swim along the ocean floor to find food. Halibut can be found at underwater depths of between 75 and 750 feet. You'll want to use a fishing pole with a line that's long enough to reach the ocean floor and down into the holes where halibut often like to swim. A fishing GPS device with Wi-Fi and sonar technology can help you locate these fish easier.  

2. Use the Right Bait

These fish are known to be attracted more to certain types of bait, and bait that consists of foods that are common in the halibut's diet will likely increase your success rate. Herring is a popular choice for halibut fishing, and you can secure this bait to the hook better by curing the herring with salt to form a stronger texture. Salmon heads and bellies also make great bait for halibut. You can even try using squid tentacles as bait. Another good idea is to try soaking the bait in oils with garlic, anise, and other aromas that halibut find appealing to attract more fish.

3. Broaden Your Bait's Scent Range

You'll want the scent from your bait to reach as far as possible to try to attract more halibut. One of the best ways to do this is to wind and unwind the reel on your rod to raise and lower the bait periodically as you wait for fish to find it so that more scent is emitted at different depths. You can also help increase your bait's scent range by changing the bait every 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Don't Reel in at the First Tug

When you feel your fishing pole tug, you might be tempted to try to reel in the fish as soon as possible. However, you might see an empty hook if you reel in at the first tug when you're trying to catch halibut. These fish often put their mouths over the bait before actually taking it, and the halibut may not be securely hooked if you try to reel in too soon. You should instead wait for a few more tugs and consistent pressure on your fishing line before you reel in the fish gradually. 

Halibut fishing can be a more rewarding experience if you approach how you catch these fish with the right mindset. If you're looking for an exciting activity to try during your vacation, look for a lodge that offers halibut fishing, such as Salmon Catcher Lodge.


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