5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Hotel Accommodations For Your Upcoming Vacation

Posted on: 20 May 2022

Before you book your next vacation, think about the type of accommodations you want to stay in while you're away from home. If you plan on truly experiencing the city or country you visit, it's important to select an accommodation that fits your travel style and level of comfort so that you can really make the most of your time away from home. These 5 tips can help you find the perfect hotel accommodations for your upcoming vacation: 

1. Prioritize a Location Near Your Planned Holiday Activities

Whether you're traveling for work or leisure, pinpoint what your interests are and try to reserve a hotel that is within close proximity to those activities. If you're into hiking, look for a hotel near a beautiful trail. If you're taking your kids to a theme park, book a hotel that's close to all of their favorite rides.

2. Consider How Many People Are in Your Group

If you're traveling with a family or with a large group of friends, choose a hotel that has enough room for everyone. It can be very inconvenient if everyone has to squeeze into one or two rooms. Also, ensure you understand terms used in hotel accommodations, e.g., per person sharing. 

3. Evaluate Hotel Facilities 

Are you having trouble deciding which hotel to book? Look for facilities that are important to you. Is free Wi-Fi important to you? Ask what services a particular hotel offers, then make your decision based on those things. If you're planning on spending time outdoors and exploring, consider hotels that are located near outdoor activities. 

4. Look at the Star Ratings and Online Reviews 

These days, most platforms for hotel bookings make it easy to look at star ratings and reviews of hotels before booking. The star rating is a universally accepted way of classifying hotels.  

Online reviews can help you choose between similar-looking hotels with different star ratings. Use them to see what previous guests said about their stay and whether they would recommend the hotel.

5. Book Directly From the Hotel

Often, hotels will have their own website where you can book directly from them. This is great for a few reasons: You'll likely pay less by booking directly with a hotel as opposed to booking through a third-party travel site; and there's typically more flexibility when it comes to selecting extra perks, like room upgrades. 

Accommodations can make or break your holiday experience, so you should ensure to get it right when planning. Call your chosen hotel and ask about hotel accommodations to ensure you have a welcoming and smooth experience.

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